Firepower Ethos Anything But Ordinary!


At Firepower Fitness, our workout ideology is to rediscover our lost physical culture, and to recapture our primal pattern foundation. We aim to provide the missing links in modern fitness by bridging the gap between what fitness was at the peak of physical culture (1850-1950) and incorporating the most up to date scientific workout systems of today. We plan to bring back the strength that people enjoyed during the heyday of wooden ships and iron men!


Paul is in a unique position to compare the various training regimes used today in sport and the health and fitness industry. Having learned from some of the top functional fitness professionals on the planet, he feels that without doubt some of the most efficient and beneficial forms of fitness today have their roots firmly in the past. The recent development in functional training of the unconventional tool culture has itself been derived from the vintage strongman training routines of old. The results gained from this form of physical culture are unsurpassed, and more importantly can be achieved by anyone. This method of training can be adapted to all ages, fitness levels, both sexes, is naturally posture correcting as well as being used for rehabilitation.


There are no hi tech machines or apparatus at Firepower Kettlebell Gym. We pride ourselves on taking fitness back to basics, and using tools that are not convenient to sit on or move for you. To use our tools you will need to pick them up and power them yourself.


All of the traditional tools here are of the non-convenient variety. You will use Kettlebells, Clubbells, Ropes, Bandits loops, Rings, Bulgarian bags, Sandbags, Gravel pipes, Fitballs, Medicine balls, Monkey bars, Thick grip Dumbbells and Barbells, and most importantly of all the human body. All of these tools are used in group fitness classes as well as on an individual basis.


These training methods are geared towards helping you achieve your goals. You will feel better, look better, move better, and perform better. We are not concerned with the culture of size and bodybuilding but more about function. Most bodybuilders struggle to move their own bodyweight to the point that they cannot do regular bodyweight exercises like pull ups very well. This from a health and function standpoint this is not optimal. Bodybuilding after all is a sport specific training modality for the sport of bodybuilding. If you don’t wish to train for that sport then it may not be what you need for long term health and fitness.When you visit Firepower Gym you will never do a leg day or cardio day, you will do an everything day every day!


In today’s sedentary lifestyle we sit far too much. We sit to relax, to drive, to work, to eat and even to exercise. This creates severe dysfunction between the front and rear of your body, and destroys your posture. Your body will adapt very quickly to what it does the most and if you sit for long periods then your body will adapt and quite literally be chair shaped. This is partly the reason for people’s weakened lower backs and pain. Then you got to a gym and are given a program or do a class like static cycling are barbell pump class and over work the already over worked muscles from the seated lifestyle. This is why 8 out of 10 people will have lower back, neck, or other postural issues at some point in their life. At firepower all our workout systems are designed to combat this pattern overload and you will learn how to keep yourself from progressively becoming weaker and more prone to injury.


Enrol today. It’s the first day of your new life!


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