Firepower Four The key components of our approach


From the first time you set foot in Firepower Gym, you fundamental training needs will be assessed and your workouts in the first stage will be focused on regaining healthy balanced fitness. In the western lifestyle today, we all sit at 90 degrees far too much. We sit to eat, to work, to drive, to relax, and even to workout! This causes a host of mobility issues, imbalances, postural problems, and we quite literally are becoming chair shaped!


This is often made worse by starting a regular fitness regime which focuses mainly on anterior (front) dominant workout routines that eventually over tighten the muscles that are already shortened by lifestyle.This pattern overload can cause a myriad of injuries and chronic pain. You may actually be making yourself progressively weaker and more prone to injury by working, and totally defeating the object of your intention.


We use various training methodologies and tools to help you attain healthy fitness during the rebalancing phase. You will be educated in the practice of Intu flow joint mobility invented by Coach Scott Sonnon (Need link to Intu flow when affiliate system is up). We also use Fitball Training, Kettlebell basics, Tacfit Bodyweight training and some basic Prasara Yoga stretches to focus on working the Posterior (rear) chain of muscles and opening up the Anterior (front) chain.


Then you will find your body will be moving better, feeling better and able to be worked a little smarter and more efficiently. You will be free to move which in turn will allow you to increase work load stress with reduced risk of injury and ensuring that you get the results you crave.

Once you are better balance, your body will want to work harder. It will be capable and crave more sophisticated challenges. To achieve this we use more challenging techniques, tools, workout timing protocols and intensity waves. You will use more advanced tools like Clubbells, Bulgarian bags, Parallettes, Suspension Rings, whilst performing more advanced workout levels in Kettlebell , Clubbells, Tacfit 26, and Strength circuit sessions.


Every session will run on many levels of complexity and intensity. This means that whatever the current level of health or fitness you can access a session and still have a challenging but manageable workout. We do not believe in the constant beasting idea of training clients as this very often results in very poor technique, which leads to poor results or sometimes long term injury.


You will be educated on how to work your own intensity wave to suit your lifestyle and needs. You can the workout at any of the 4 intensity levels. No intensity, low intensity, moderate intensity or high intensity depending on the needs of your body.


We also use perceived scales to help you ensure the best possible results from each workout session.

R.P.T scale – Rate of perceived technique.

R.P.D scale – Rate of perceived discomfort.

R.P.I scale – Rate of perceived intensity.


These scales are variable to suit your body at all times. Every single repetition of any exercise must earn you a gold medal. At the end of each session you should have a lot of gold medals and none made of manure. Medals made of manure are worthless!


Remember – faster, harder, longer, heavier, are not better. Only better is better!

It is important that you constantly decompress from the rigours of life and also from your workouts. You have worked hard and smart to become healthy and fit and its imperative that you do not allow yourself to revert back to being chair shaped or pattern overloaded, thus undoing all your efforts.


Using specific decompression techniques will help you to recover better and restore your body back to balance. This means that you can reset your body effectively to recovery from its previous workout whist simultaneously preparing it for the next. This way you can workout every day if you want and still have good energy and performance without running yourself into the ground.


The techniques we use are more advanced or specific levels of Intu flow joint mobility, Flowfit or Tacfit low intensity bodyweight movements and more advanced or specific Prasara yoga stretches and flows. We ask you to treat the decompression of your body as just another workout, all be it a no or low intensity workout. It is no less important than your moderate or high intensity workout sessions. Using this system you can workout every day and will also find your performance on your higher intensity days getting progressively better.


Now the results you have dreamed of will come thick and fast and your body will have achieved a condition of general physical preparedness that will allow you to become more resilient to the any and all forms of stress placed upon it.


The food you consume is quite literally the most important aspect of gaining aesthetic fat loss and muscle tone results that you all are working hard to gain.


We focus on educating you to understand the difference between silly fad diets designed to ultimately fail so you keep paying for the next new version, and eating real healthy food. There is no gimmicks, no fads, no shakes powders or pills, no calorie counting, just good old healthy eating.


Here at Firepower we will empower you to learn how to shop, how to cook, and how to eat in a simple easy to follow format. We do not hand out diet sheets or recipes, but simply educate you to do it yourself and support you whilst you do it. The best of all is that we will do this for you completely free of charge! Think of your body as a race car. If you want your car to perform and handle well, then you must put in good clean fuel! This is the basic principle we work to but is important on so many levels. You will feel better, perform better, have better skin hair and nails, be more resilient to infections, but most of all you will look better very quickly!


The food you consume gives you the nutrients and vitamins that are needed to reproduce every cell in your body, so you are actually made up of the foods that you eat. Do you really want to be consuming foods laden with chemicals that were never intended to be in the human machine? There is a vast difference in how your body is affected by the ingestion of real wholesome food and non-food rubbish that can be swallowed!


The food you consume can be the root of poor heath and disease or the most effective medicine available. Be sure to choose your medicine wisely!



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