Paul is a qualified nutrition and weight management consultant and will take the time to explain the benefits of a good clean healthy eating regimen. Here at Firepower Fitness, we do not believe in fad diets as they are scientifically proven to fail in the long term. We do not advocate slimming pills or shakes. We will not try to sell you any quickfix “Promise the world” solutions that really are unethically promising what they cannot deliver.


What we will do is educate you on how to shop, what foods to buy and which to avoid.  You will learn how to plan your meals and eat good clean wholesome food that will get you the lean fat free physique that you want.


There are no gimmicks here and many fitness professionals charge a lot of money for the service that Paul feels is just part of the package for his clients. Paul will always go that extra mile to ensure you eat to be healthy and to enable better performance.




Find out more, call Paul on 07958 630 090