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Paul Gray is the owner and head trainer at Firepower Gym. He has worked in the fitness industry since 1998 and has done it all during this time. Paul has been a gym instructor, group fitness class instructor, and personal trainer working with everyone from professional athletes to the desk bound office worker. Paul has always had a passion for fitness and has competed in many triathlons and semi pro cycling events in his youth. He is also an accomplished Martial Artist with over 30 years training in various styles.


Paul has embraced the functional training culture. He has developed a unique system of health and fitness that has been a runaway success with clients of all backgrounds. He regularly works with the top coaches in the world to learn his trade and stay ahead of the game with what works best and achieves the best results. Paul utilizes many tools and puts them together in inventive ways during classes and with programs to really give you a unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else.


In 1999 Paul travelled to the U.S. to train directly under Coach Anthony Diluglio and to attend the Art of Strength (A.O.S.) Kettlebell certification course. Paul completed the course successfully and was the first person in the U.K. to become a legitimate A.O.S. Kettlebell coach. He puts the knowledge and skills he gained from this system of Kettlebells, vintage lifting, rope training and suspension training every day at Firepower.


In 2012 Paul became the first person to become a certified Tacfit instructor in the North East U.K. He trained under legendary Martial Artist and Coach Scott Sonnon to achieve this world class certification. Tactical fitness training principles now form the bedrock of the methodology of health and fitness at Firepower.
Paul strives to continue to learn and personally get better so he can better serve his community and give you his client what you deserve, which is the best information available. This is because Paul’s greatest quality is that he genuinely cares about your health and fitness.


Paul is friend to many, Enemy of few, and respected by all!

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