This session is a progression from the 101 basic fundamental sessions. Once you have learned the basic skills and are confident in controlling the k bell, then you are ready to be challenged with a workout. These sessions are mod – high intensity. They will help you achieve higher performance, better efficiency, and more sophisticated movement skills.


The workouts are more challenging physically but also mentally engaging and fun. The variation and many different ways to use the k bell ensure you workout smart as well as hard. In Some sessions we will encourage you to increase the weights a little, others we will decrease the weight but double up the k bells, or go for longer time periods. We alter rep ranges, and movement complexity. We aim to keep you constantly challenged and not allow boredom to set in and diminish your progress.


The training principles we work to are a hybrid of old school strongman training techniques or lifts and new cutting edge functional and tactical movements. This gives you the best training methods available all in one class. You will increase not only your strength, but also your flexibility, core stability, mobility, endurance, power, speed, and cardio capacity all in one workout.


We don’t do back days or leg days, we do an everything day every day!



Beyond The Bell!

This session takes you away from the regular use of the Kettlebell and focuses on the other bells we have at our disposal. You will learn all the vintage Barbell and Dumbbell lifts used by the old school strongmen of the physical culture era of the 1800-1900s. These movements are fantastic for overall strength but also will incorporate a large amount of mobility and flexibility into the programs.


These movements will give you the benefit of weight lifting or moving combined with Pilates and yoga all rolled into one. The old school lifters did not segregate their training into cardio days, core stability days, or strength days. They devised training techniques or routines to incorporate all these elements in every session they did.


The techniques they performed are highly sophisticated and they are much more challenging than the basic squat or deadlift used today. This means that your nervous system and neutralising and stabilising muscles are challenged much more with every lift you do. This increases the amount of work your body is doing which in turn increases results.


We also incorporate Clubbell training routines which are the current top cutting edge sports science techniques available in health and fitness today. These Rotatory movements with the added leverage disadvantage of the Club add to the old school techniques to make this an all encompassing workout for health and longevity.


Back to the future training at its best!



Club Bell

The Clubbell is a unique and versatile tool created by Coach Scott Sonnon. It is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated conditioning tools around today. It will help you build on the functional conditioning you have gained in other sessions and take it to new levels by unlocking your true potential to move in six degrees of freedom.


These sessions can be accessed by all levels and are moderate – high intensity. The unique challenges of the club are that the mass of the weight is so far removed from your hand and where you grip it. You also grip it with a staggered grip as in one hand above the other as opposed to side by side, or even in one hand. This presents a very challenging physical workout with what can be a relatively light tool. A ten kg club will feel much more challenging than a ten kg Dumbbell for example.


The movements tend to employ a lot of rotation and turning from the core and hips making the workouts perfect for strengthening up the midsection. The technical aspect to Clubbell workouts are high and ensure that you will be mentally engaged during these sessions. As a result the time will pass very quickly and you will find that your concentration improves as an added bonus.
Come experience a different kind of clubbing!




As the title suggest you will find this class a massive calorie burner. This is our premier cardio vascular session that will increase the health and fitness of your heart and lungs. Instead of sitting with bad posture for long periods of time on static bikes or being bent over a cross trainer reading a magazine bored with time standing still. We use rope training techniques in short intense burst recover burst recovery style workouts to give the most efficient workout possible.


These sessions are never boring and switch timing protocols and techniques constantly to keep you mentally engaged and physically challenged. The ropes are held in your hands and undulating wave patterns made to create a constant wave down the whole length of rope. It is fun but do not be deceived into thinking it is easy. It can be quite challenging when you first start.


One benefit you will find is that it can allow for recovery of the lower body. If you have had a tough session and your legs are feeling it, then you can still work up a sweat, burn calories and allow your legs to recover rather that overload them increasing the chance of injury. We use this class quite a lot for runners for this reason. Pounding the roads trying to increase distance often pattern overloads your body or you get impact injuries. This is not the case with Inferno training. We mix in some tool or bodyweight work to balance out the cardio and you will find it great for enhancing overall performance.


Turn up the heat!



Strength Circuit

This is the session that we pull all the learned skills together and combine elements into a rounded general physical preparedness workout. This is not a push as hard as possible with terrible technique style workout. Rest assured you will be physically challenged and will need to switch time, techniques, tools and energy systems frequently. You will enjoy a mixed bag of modalities and movements using a variety of different tools to best effect. These sessions for all they are mixed tools are structured to give a balanced whole body workout.


This will test your ability to hold strong form and your ability to recover well enough to repeat stations with correct form. The idea is to build you up, increasing your ability to endure physical stresses from different sources without grinding your body down and inviting injury. We use many specialist tools that you will not get in a regular gym which all add to the enjoyment of the session. You will never get bored with the array of ways to put this class together.


Take up the challenge!



Tacfit 26

Tacfit (tactical fitness) is building on the foundation of functional fitness or general physical preparedness. Tactical fitness concentrates on the ability to recover whilst under mental pressure and physical stress. Fitness can be literally described as the ability to maintain good technique whilst under physical stress and also recover quickly to go again.


Tacfit was developed by Coach Scott Sonnon specifically for people with high stress occupations and hobbies. Every exercise has a dual purpose. It will make you faster, more flexible or stronger but also has specific crossover to martial artists, fighters, military, law enforcement, first responders and anyone else whose life demands the ability to physically and mentally function under stress.


Tacfit 26 is just one of many Tacfit programs that we use. You will do 26 different workouts over the course of 26 weeks. Each workout works to one of 6 different timing protocols. These workouts vary in intensity and technique and are all 20 minutes long. Each technique has 4 different ability levels allowing a beginner and an athlete to work in the same session. We use many different tools such as Kettlebells, Clubbells, Sandbags, Wall balls, Gym rings, Parallettes, and your own body. Each workout is scored both in the amount of work done (reps) and also complexity (ability) level.


Time to up your game with Tacfit!




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