Alan Hind


I have always seen myself as an active person through regular activities such as long distance hiking and running along with regular visits to the local gym. When I joined Firepower gym I was just looking for a change in my routine and to mix things up a little as I had become bored with my training, however Paul has opened my eyes to training and fitness in a way that I understand fitness is more than just exercise.

I quickly discovered that I have poor strength and mobility. At 6ft 5, 220lb and generally quite active believe me it’s not so easy to accept witnessing smaller gym members using heavier weights than me and older gym members that are much more mobile than me.

Paul has worked with me to understand how my previous training and even daily routines in my job were actually having an adverse effect on my long term fitness and health. My body had become so restricted that I couldn’t even perform basic bodyweight moves such as a squat. After several months of attendance I am slowly beginning to see and feel the benefit of training under Paul’s tuition through increased mobility but most notably through recovery which was something I suffered quite badly with during and post exercise specifically with back and leg pain. This is no longer a real problem.

Training with Paul and Firepower Gym is slowly changing my life in terms of fitness and health…I’m hooked. I can’t see myself training any other way now as the benefits I feel can’t be met anywhere else. If you’re looking for a training regime that keeps you fit but most importantly promotes and maintains good health then give this a go, you won’t be disappointed I guarantee you this is the best bar none.

P.S…..Don’t be scared to give it a try, it’s not just a gym it’s like a family. Everyone will accept you and give you all the support and encouragement you need.