Intu Flow Joint Mobility

Intu flow (intuitive flow) was created by flow coach Scott Sonnon, and was instrumental in helping him overcome his childhood degenerative joint disease.Intu Flow exercises are a no intensity workout focusing on your joints. It keeps your joints healthy and mobile with specific movements that rehydrate, increase range of movement, and also reduce harmful toxins and calcium salt deposits within the joint. They are also a great way to prepare the joints for exercise.


We all live an increasingly sedentary (seated) lifestyle and as a result are suffering many postural and health related problems. We are quite literally becoming chair shaped and losing our health as a result. Intu flow is important as it can help regain good posture, reduce aches and pains associated with ageing and over exertion stress, and can help you regain youthful movement and vigour.


You are chronologically only as old as your joints. If you are 20 years old and have the joints of and 50 year old, then you will move and feel like and 80 year old. Intu Flow can help you feel 20 years old when you are 50 years old.


Come along and choose to move with youth!




Fitballs are versatile tools that we use to primarily focus on core stability and Posterior chain training. We use specific compound techniques that challenge the whole body as one integrated structure using many muscle groups together to readdress imbalances.


Fitball workouts can be accessed by all levels of fitness and can be low to moderate intensity. The techniques are best performed in a mindful and controlled way, concentrating on slow fluid movements. You must be aware to practice perfect form and try to focus on correction of muscular imbalances and strengthening your weak areas. This will help you to enhance you overall health and balance whilst having a knock on effect to any other workouts you do.


Fitball classes can be quite physically demanding when the techniques are performed correctly. This is the result of using many internal and external muscles at the same time with a focus on maintaining perfect technique. Many members are enjoying increased performance coupled with decreased injury rates from these workouts making it one of our most popular sessions.


Try it out for long term health and injury prevention!



Kettlebell 101

The Kettlebell is one of the most versatile and popular tools available in fitness today. It is sometimes known as a gym in one hand. In these 101 sessions we aim to educate you in the correct technique of all the fundamental basic movement patterns. This will allow you increased performance and efficiency and also will decrease the chances of injury.


You can drop into these sessions anytime regardless of how long you have trained, to tune up your technique to get the best possible results from the Kettlebell. These sessions are usually low to moderate intensity but are focused on education and not on working out. You will learn the seven key components of exercising with weighted equipment. These concentrate on correct structural alignment, posterior chain engagement, correct breathing and muscle recruitment to enhance your strength, and power delivery.


These sessions will lay the foundations of your skill set that you will build off in every session you do at Firepower. We recommend that everyone attend some sessions when they first start training with us and also advise you to revisit them periodically to ensure no bad habits are forming.


Start your journey in the right direction!




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