Yoga Stretching

In this session you will learn basic yoga stretches from the perspective of decompressing and compensatory movements to offset the load stress off your workouts. These movements are best described as aided recovery from load. If you have loaded up your legs in a session then you will need compensatory decompression to restore your overworked muscles so that you are recovering faster, continue to perform better and no pattern overloading which can lead to postural distortions and injury.


You will also learn to take these basic movements and put them together in linked flowing forms. We use Prasara yoga flows as the basic platform for this. Prasara yoga was developed by Coach Scott Sonnon and takes more formal yoga postures and adds linking movements to create flow drills. Prasara means to flow beyond thought and you learn how to listen to your bodies needs and move with it rather than against it.


After you have learned the principles of Prasara, then you can start to be more creative and playful in your own practice. You can link movements or poses together in your own way to get the best restoration for your own body, and also have the most fun. Prasara yoga is best thought of as a workout in its own right. It is a compensatory workout, and is a no or low intensity, but it is still a workout. These workouts replace the conventional rest days so that you are not stiffening up too much from your last workout, and are recovering for your next workout.


Repair and prepare with Prasara!



Bodyweight Workouts


Flowfit – Flowfit was developed by Coach Scott Sonnon as a form of mindful movement exercise. You perform various movements linked together in one continuous flow drill. There are 7 movements that you will practice with mindful adherence to form. These are linked together and flow continuously for a prolonged period. The drill can last for around 14-20mins without stopping.


Flowfit has 4 different ability levels to cater for any fitness level so all levels from beginner to athlete can workout in the same session.
You will get many benefits from Flowfit. It will challenge your endurance, mobility, flexibility and core engagement, all in one session.






Tacfit – There are many Tacfit bodyweight programs to practice and you will learn them all to build up a vast array of exercises and variations so that you will never be without the ability to workout anywhere. If you are on holiday or work away and travelling, all you need is 2 metres of floor and your own body and with these Tacfit workouts you will get all the conditioning that will ever need. Tacfit or tactical fitness was after all designed for the military, martial artists, first responders to be able to train anywhere anytime.


We use Tacfit Commando, Warrior, Survival, Barbarian, and Flow Physique and with all the many variations of timing protocols, rep ranges and exercises, you will never again be reliant on needing a gym whilst on the move. Tacfit also teaches you how to recover. You will learn recovery breathing techniques that will improve performance and aid recovery.


Your body is your gym!





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